7 Hazards to Playing Mini-Golf

September 23rd, 2013By: Hill Country Golf Guitar

The general public may view this simple sport as an easy, dainty and fun activity. Little do they know of the many hazards that come with it. In order to warn our friends of Hill Country Golf & Guitar, we have listed a few of the hazards of playing miniature golf, and we’ve added pro-tips for your benefit.


Mini-Golf Hazard #1Math geeks will have the upper hand.

Photo of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory - Hazard 1

Get ready to see some stereotypes collapse right before your eyes!  As this sport requires a lot of calculation and geometry, excelling in math may actually benefit your skills at putting, swinging and winning this game.

Pro-tip: Start doing your math homework.


Mini-Golf Hazard #2: It is highly addictive.

Golf Cupcakes - Hazard 2

..like cupcakes

We’ve seen it happen. This sport can be too much fun for your own good. You cannot get enough of this game.

One moment you’ll find yourself on the course putting away all your worries, the next moment you’ll be sitting in front of your computer, only being able to see holes and golf balls all over your screen.

Pro-tip: If you find yourself twitching after a day of no mini-golf, please find help.


Mini-golf Hazard #3: Loss of interest in all other sports.

Not Interested gif - Hazard 3

Do you enjoy playing basketball, football or baseball? Or maybe you like the occasional swim or dance class.

Well, watch out! This game will sweep you right off your feet. You won’t be feeling the need to take a swing at any other ball if it’s not the golf ball.

Pro-tip: Fight these urges and make time for other sports, no matter how hard it will be.


Mini-golf Hazard #4: Possible new viral dance move.

Blues Clues Dancing Alone Gif - Hazard 4

You may think you’ve seen it all: The Soulja Boy, Cat Daddy, Gangnam Style’s horse dance, Single Ladies hand twist and so many more.

Well, we have a strong feeling that once people start to see how good your swings look on the course, they will want to take them to the dance floor. Be prepared!

Pro-tip: Try not to look so fly while making that swing. 


Mini-golf Hazard #5: No mini-golf scholarship – Yet!

Hazard 5: No Scholarship. c/o Flicker by kenteegardin

Once you become pro at mini-golf after becoming relentlessly attached and losing all interest in other sports, you might be expecting some scholastic benefits.

Sorry, this sport has not garnered enough financial support to provide financial aid. But, you never know what the future and the power of putt-putt have in store for you!

Pro-tip: Start your school’s first mini-golf team.


Mini-golf Hazard #6: There’s no more fun in “The Chase.”

"Hi" Gif - No fun in the chase - Hazard 6

The chase: the period right before two people become an official couple.  Some say this is the best part. Well … mini-golf is known for making this so called “chase” a little too easy.

Once you take your crush mini-golfing, this person you’ve had your eye on will – without a doubt – become yours instantly.

With the mini-golf flirting, beautiful Hill Country setting and live music providing the perfect backdrop, you’ll win hearts a little too easily.

What’s the fun in that?

Pro-tip: But, don’t get too cocky! You might accidentally hit them with your club. That might narrow down your chances.


Mini Golf Hazard #7: You may never be as lucky as these people.

Pro tip: Sorry, we don’t have any tips for this one.